Tanker PC/77


The large water storage capacity makes your best choice where water scarce with this unit you can supply other units directly or with a portable tank.









Water tank capacities ranging from 10,000 to 20,000 liters in different materials: stainless steel and polypropylene.

Excellent choice for cities that do not have hydrants.


La configuraciĆ³n de los compartimientos se realizan de acuerdo a las necesidades de cada uno de nuestros clientes.

The configuration of the compartments are made according to the needs of each costumer.

Optional shelving, slide trays are available in any layout or combination to carry fire department equipment.

Fire pumps: Hale or Darley
PTO: 250 - 750 GPM
Midship: 500 - 2250 GPM.
Engine Drive: 500 - 1500 GPM.

Foam Systems:
Around the pump (ATP).