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QUIROGATRUCKS is a Mexican company that knows the problems and needs of fire departments, that is why since its beginnings dedicated to the manufacturing, construction, maintenance and sale of fire units, specially made for the emergency area with the characteristics and our own needs, providing our customers total quality and professional service at a lower cost..


"In Quiroga Trucks meet or exceed expectations of our customers, continually improving emergency units we produce, helping to save lives".



  1. Making 85% customer satisfaction on delivery of units.
  2. Reduction in manufacturing reprocesses by 5% each year.
  3. Obtain ISO 9000:2008 Certification.
  4. Annual Keep a confidence at least the 80% on warehouse and inventory control.
  5. Extending the useful life of machinery and consumables used in manufacturing units.


"Quiroga Trucks contributes to emergency institutions within and outside the country, may have properties that help save lives and provide better service to their community, for which we continuously innovate our designs and manufacturing processes with the latest technological developments. Also, we promoted an atmosphere of participation and teamwork, encouraging personal and professional development of each of our employees".


"Be the company leading manufacturer of emergency units in Mexico and Latin America, being recognized by our customers as a company committed to the quality of our units and our services".


Quality Assurance

  1. In QuirogaTrucks satisfied or exceed expectations of our customers..

    Continually improving emergency units produce the best materials and equipment available in the market..

    2. Our units are tested and certified under NFPA 1901, 1906, 414 and 412.



    NFPA 1906

    NFPA 414


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