30 años


In 1968, our founder joined as volunteer firefighter in the city of Salamanca and through the experiences during the performance of their duties and relationships with several Corps and Fire Associations from different parts of the Republic, he was allowed to realize the need to have a company prepared to meet and understand the problems and needs of fire and other corporations to help in our country. Reason why this company was founded as a physical person, starting his work with making quick attack trucks and pumps to the fire departments of San Miguel de Allende, city of Cortazar and Acambaro, Gto., leaving these entirely satisfied with the work and services received for which they were recommending to other fire departments, municipalities and associations, enabling us to achieve steady growth of our company..

At present performing the work to quality and continuous improvement in all areas of the company, and at present also has sales and manufacturing, preventive maintenance and corrective quick attack units, rescue trucks, fire apparatus, tankers and ambulances . We also do repairs and reconstructions of late model units, so in order to provide a service at a lower cost and so on that seek to facilitate the purchase of any unit.




We have production capacities of 10 (ten) trucks per month, with two industrial buildings of 5,000 square meters with optimal illumination to make 3 shifts if necessary according to existing labor demand and distribution of our facilities is suitable for safe and effective performance of the various activities to be carried out for manufacturing, preparation, maintenance and testing of property and services we offer to our customers, for which we have a fully equipped paint area including extractors, Department of Steel fabrication, welding department, electronics department, tank testing area, 3 warehouse areas, and design area, all of which are supervisors trained in their area, in area offices, reception area we Area, administrative accounting, field sales, general management and general management.



2001: Establishment of new production line for the manufacture of ambulances type I, II and III.2001: Manufacture of rescue units in response to requests from our customers to expand the range of our products to other classes.2002: Production of the first ARFF units with automated systems.2003: Certificate of the first unit in the 2003 Edition NFPA 1901 by Underwriters Laboratories (first unit certified in Latin America).2003: The first units are built with CAFS system. 2004: Production of the first type midship pumps with pumps and higher module.2004: The first unit is manufactured with custom cabin type. (only manufacturers in Mexico).2005: It is manufactured at our facilities a test mass grave 200.000 liters equipped with everything needed for pumping tests for units manufactured in Quiroga Trucks.2005: Manufacture of the first rescue boat turbine with capacity for 8 people and speeds exceeding 70 km / h.2006: Manufacture of the first Fire Articulating Booms. (first unit produced in Latin America).2007: First units exported to Peru2007: First units exported to Honduras2008: First Latin American company as an exhibitor at the FDIC.2009-2010: Export units to Costa Rica, Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia.2009-2010: First certification company level units with Underwriters Laboratories Inc.2009-2010: First company certified wildland units with Underwriters Laboratories Inc.